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We are Game Developer

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Download games from itch.io
most of all for windows

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most of all for android

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You can support us by itch.io donation system in when you will download.
Or support me on patreon :- Patreon Page

Why To support us:-

As you know making a game is hard. It tooks a lot of work to make a game and you also know
that my game are not on Google Play store at this time. I only have my games in itch.io.
In itch.io most of the people are game developer itself who download. So if I place ads may my games got
deprecated and no one also donated me at itch. If you can donate me please donate me by itch.io or in patreon.

About Us:-

I am just a indie game developer as much as are in Game Development. I want to be Serve you best games and a experience. This doesn't matter that the game is small, big or 2d, 3d. A game is that who give you a lot of fun and a good timepass. I will try to give my best for making this....