I know you were thinking what the **** is this but it's now a necessary step cause of manual spam. I am getting so many emails (most probably not bots cause of captcha) that aren't let me get real emails and are just frustating me. So in this article you will know what data of your will shared with owner, what's your responsibility to send message and what can be the effect if you go against it.

Data shared of your with owner:-

When you will click that 'Submit' button in contacting form the page will load and send an email to me, the owner. It will come up with information you wrote in form including your name, email, ratings, feedback/query(if you wrote so). It means your email address, your name, your ratings that you gave to website and game and the feedback/query you wrote in the textarea of feedback. If you don't want to share any of these thing please don't enter it. Mail Image that I get after when someone send a feedback Above 👆 is the image showing you how I will got mail when someone sends a message.
  1. line:- senders Name
  2. line:- feedback/query
  3. line:- website rating
  4. line:- games rating
  5. line:- contact mail that you entered
Only these informations have been shared with me when you fill the contact form

What you Can share with us:-

What you shouldn't share with us:-

What We do if you broke these 5 Do Not send objects.